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In the midst of the challenges presented to us in nearly every avenue of our lives, we’re inevitably forced to reconsider our actions, goals, and the underlying beliefs that motivate them. Philosophy is rich with literature to help individuals discern their perspective of the world, but it’s often inaccessible. Even then, we often find difficulty in crafting logical, persuasive arguments that reflect a critical approach to the problems of the world. In addition to making philosophy more accessible for the general public, the art of argumentation must also be readily available. Below are experiences and positions I’ve held in pursuit of those goals.

God and the Good Life, an Introductory Philosophy Course at Notre Dame

Fellows Teaching Assistant Coordinator (May 2022 – Present)

Co-Head Teaching Assistant (May 2021 – May 2022)

Teaching Assistant (May 2020 – May 2021)

Dialogue Leader (Jan 2020 – May 2020)

God and the Good Life is an introductory philosophy course at the University of Notre Dame. The course tackles the big questions in life, primarily “What is the good life?” It takes an interactive, personal, and reflective approach for students to tackle questions concerning how to live and make life meaningful. As an undergraduate teaching assistant, I help the professors develop and execute the course curriculum, grade assignments, create quizzes and rubrics, and help students succeed in the course through individual meetings. I oversee approximately 60 students.

Part of my role is writing interactive essays for the course, which we use to effectively communicate the core ideas of dense philosophically readings to the general audience seen in an introductory course. You can see the digital essays I’ve written linked on the right.

As the Fellows Teaching Assistant Coordinator, I work closely with the graduate head teaching assistant and professors to ensure smooth communication of undergraduate teaching assistants.

In my role as Co-Head Teaching Assistant, I acted as a liaison between professors and other teaching assistants by coordinating meetings, workshops, and professional development opportunities to equip staff with the resources necessary for fair grading and student success.

Part of the course involves a smaller dialogue group that meets weekly to discuss course material in a practical setting. As a Dialogue Fellow, I led these groups by planning curriculum, executing lesson plans, and grading assignments.

Philosophy as a Way of Life at Notre Dame

PhiLife Redesign Program Intern (Summer 2020, Summer 2021)

Philosophy as a Way of Life is a project at the University of Notre Dame that promotes courses aimed at teaching students to think deeply and rigorously about the good life. A key component is that students learn to apply philosophy to everyday life. It features over 100 faculty from across the United States covering a diverse set of intellectual traditions.

As a program intern, I assisted eleven universities in developing these courses to serve 5,000+ students yearly by employing interactive online resources, peer dialogue, and other pedagogical techniques. My duties included creating digital essays on philosophical texts, researching best pedagogical practices, and meeting with university faculty to coordinate course development. Specifically, I co-authored the manual used to create digital essays across all platforms.

Notre Dame Institute for Advanced Studies

Undergraduate Research Fellow (Aug 2020 – May 2021)

The Undergraduate Research Fellowship is a competitive position open to undergraduate students at the University of Notre Dame. In this program, I served as a research assistant to NDIAS Faculty and Ph.D. Fellows while developing my research, communication, and networking skills through frequent seminars and training opportunities. In the Spring 2021 semester, I worked with Dr. Paul Blaschko from the University of Notre Dame’s Philosophy Department on developing his new course, The Working Life. The course examines the role of philosophy in navigating one’s career and professional journey.

Research Assistant (Jan 2020 – May 2020)

Prior to the fellowship, I was a research assistant to Dr. Blaschko. In this role, I provided research and feedback on books and articles in preparation for Dr. Blaschko’s co-authored book with Dr. Meghan Sullivan, The Good Life Method. I researched articles, compiled summaries and bibliographies, and provided general feedback.

Notre Dame Philosophy Majors Advisory Council

Chair (July 2022 – Present)

Council Member (Sep 2021 – July 2022)

As a member of the advisory council, I represent the interests of undergraduate students in the Philosophy Department on various issues. I assist the department in discerning potential coursework, organize social events, and advise on the direction of the department for the best interest of undergraduate students. As chair of the council, I’m responsible for coordinating meetings, taking notes, and communicating between other council members and the director of undergraduate studies.

James Logan High School Forensics Team

Interim Head Lincoln-Douglas Debate Coach (Aug 2022 – Present)

Assistant Lincoln-Douglas Debate Coach (July 2019 – Aug 2022)

I provide instruction to students participating in competitive debate tournaments across the country by curating oratorical and argumentative skills. My specialty is Lincoln-Douglas Debate, a one-on-one format in which debaters tackle important moral questions. I utilize extensive philosophical knowledge, rhetorical skills, and research practices to improve the development of each debater. My debaters have reached elimination rounds at multiple national tournaments and the national championship. Additionally, my students exhibit an advanced understanding of rhetorical appeal, critical research, and effective writing.

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