Jewish Advocacy

Judaism is an essential part of my identity. The history of the Jewish people (and other religious groups) demonstrates that when religious liberty is not upheld, discrimination and violence are the norm. The enforcement of codified legal protections is one step towards promoting a culture of religious tolerance for all religious groups and the non-religious. I’m committed to promoting Jewish life and combating antisemitism, as seen in the following positions and experiences.

From a visit to the JOC/WJC office in New York City
Jewish on Campus

Ambassador President (May 2022 – Present)

Midwest Committee Chairman (Sep 2021 – May 2022)

Jewish on Campus (JOC) is an organization that strives to promote Jewish life and combat antisemitism on college campuses. In partnership with the World Jewish Congress, JOC’s Ambassador Program aims to represent Jewish students at universities across North America and create a coalition to combat antisemitism on campus. As president, I preside over open forum meetings, where ambassadors pass legislation to promote and protect Jewish students. I also help in planning and the day-to-day running of the program alongside JOC staff and other members of the executive committee.

World Jewish Congress

Ronald S. Lauder Fellow (Aug 2022 – Present)

The Ronald S. Lauder Fellowship is a coalition of top Jewish student leaders from across the world. It is run by the World Jewish Congress (WJC). Fellows are introduced to Jewish diplomacy through leadership training, expert speakers, access to WJC’s global network, and exclusive events at the United Nations and other international bodies. During the fellowship, students are also empowered with resources to enact meaningful change on their campuses and initiatives to improve the Jewish community. Fellows also participate in a seminar in New York City and a Diplomacy Summit in Europe.

A panel on Judaism at Notre Dame featuring Jewish students and faculty, including myself
(March 2022, Katie Werner)
Speaking to the Student Senate in favor of the IHRA Working Definition of Antisemitism
(April 2021, Katie Werner, The Observer)
Jewish Club of Notre Dame

President (May 2021 – Present)

Secretary (May 2020 – May 2021)

Despite being a Catholic university, Notre Dame’s emphasis on faith enables important dialogues between different religions and cross-religious experiences. This is especially critical for Jewish students, whose low population in the community rely on institutional support for protection. As a member of the club’s executive board, I’ve contributed substantially to improving life for Jewish and non-Catholic students at Notre Dame. This includes:

American Jewish Committee

Vice President of Jewish Advocacy, Campus Global Board (Aug 2022 – Present)

The Campus Global Board is an AJC initiative to introduce Jewish student leaders to non-profit management in the Jewish world. Modeled as a board of directors, members participate in committees and projects within their area of interest. The purpose of the board is to organize collective action towards tangible progress for Jewish students and the broader Jewish community. As Vice President of Jewish advocacy, I’m heavily involved in advancing AJC partnerships with Jewish campus life and advocating for Jewish students. I also chair the Jewish Advocacy committee.

Intern, Washington, D.C. Regional Office (Jan 2022 – July 2022)

My internship at the American Jewish Committee (AJC) has provided an excellent introduction to Jewish diplomacy. Because our office serves the nation’s capital, much of my work concerns advocating for the Jewish community to politicians on the federal and international level. Notably, I helped in the organizing of the office’s annual Ambassadors’ Seder, featuring representatives from more than 50 embassies. Additionally, I write memos on events and topics pertinent to AJC’s goals. I also work in communication with our board of directors and donors, where I have developed a keen understanding of donor relations for non-profit organizations.

The Observer

Viewpoint Columnist (Aug 2019 – Present)

As a columnist for Notre Dame’s newspaper, I write bi-weekly pieces for The Observer‘s audience 15,000+ readers. While my column covers a variety of topics, I frequently discuss my Jewish identity, antisemitism, and Jewish life at Notre Dame, subjects that the newspaper’s audience aren’t usually exposed to. Through these pieces, I convey the importance of interfaith inclusion at a Catholic university and promoting Jewish life on college campuses more generally. You can see a selection of these pieces on the right.

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